A poet at heart and a colour lover, I am driven by a quest of freedom and serenity through the act of painting.


Growing up in front of a cemetery and losing a beloved one confronted me to the condition of life and death at an early age. As long as I remember, being aware of the impermanence of life, I daily connect with nature, trees, foliage and flowers, letting my mind drifting in a whimsical space that me brings joy, repose and spiritual growth.


Inspired by memories of places gathered in images, drawings and photographs, I express feelings, visual perception, inner voice, and thoughts to translate moments of reverie.


In my paintings, the sublime is an adventure, going back and forth from movement and stillness. Past, present and future are unified in a rhythmic overall composition and colours contrast in a shimmering vibrancy. Inner and outer worlds meet in a fragile harmony as an echo to changes. Each mark, either gestural or flat, is inhabited by the body and mind to embrace existence. Looking for a metaphoric depth through floating elements, I wish to achieve a meditative visual sensory that invites positiveness.

While conveying my propensity to daydream, the work is a refuge for hope that I want to share as a way to add poetry to life.



2020 - 2025 - MFA candidate in Painting at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design)

2017 - UC BERKELEY EXTENSION SF CAMPUS (SF, CA), Post-Baccalaureate in Visual Arts - Painting, Printmaking, Art History

2014 - PACIFIC ART LEAGUE SCHOOL (Palto Alto, CA), Adult Continuing Eduation - Painting: Portrait, Figurative Abstract, Abstract

2012 - STANFORD UNIVERSITY (Palo Alto, CA) , Adult Continuing Education - Painting, Expressive Drawing

2011 - ECOLE D'ART D'UCCLE (Brussels, Belgium), Adult Continuing Education -  Painting, Drawing, Art History


2009 - UNIVERSITE EUROPEENNE D'ECRITURE (Brussels, Belgium), Certificate in Creative Writing - Novel, Movie Script, Writing for Children


Artist of the month Artjobs November, 2022

Luxembourg Art Prize Certificate, 2021