Transitions 2018 - 2019

TRANSITION Series 2018 / 2019

TRANSITION is a series born from the will to free the brushstrokes. In this creative process, spontaneous and experimented ideas are combined to create traces in movement on the surface. It is in the spontaneity that I really feel the action of creativity. Because it comes from nothing, inner voice, or little things, it can bring struggle but great pure moments of joy. This is why I like so much painting abstraction. It is full of surprises, yet the experience and knowledge help to give it a meaning.

The palettes of colours are inspired by nature or places that I have visited. They have been taken from the seaside, the countryside and countries where I travelled such as Jordan (Petra, 2019) or Canada (Le Chemin des Mésanges, 2019). Sometimes I work from memories and other times I use my own photographs.  

Although the palette of colors that I use tend to be similar from one painting to another, I like varying my work and the degree of abstraction.