Inward / 2010

INWARD / 2010

INWARD was my first series of abstract paintings. It started with a school exercise on the theme of “trace” suggested by the artist and art teacher Emma Shoring. This immediately led me to question myself, who I really was. Giving up a regular job a few years ago made all my references falling apart (cf. The End of the Edifices). Traces, to me, referred to identity which itself referred to its origins. I realized then that I did not know well them and that there were zones of shadows. Thus, I asked myself what were my family secrets (cf. The End of the Secrets). Then, again my true self was my main thought. Was I really an artist, a poet, both? Did I have the right of being an artist even though my parents dreamt of me as being an independent and successful businesswoman? I did not blame them. Which parents do not want their kids to have a bright and secure future? With this respect, did I want to take the risk of being an artist? What I had to say or to convey in my paintings? Was it important? To whom and why? All these questions were flying in my head (cf. The cogitations of the Good Soldier). This plunged me in deep introspection, finding a way to unlock my inner barriers (cf. The Rooms of the Mind). Consequently, I was put in darkness as everything was unclear… and in a state of mind consisting of beginning my journey towards the light.