In Between / 2011


This series was an exploration of green hues when I felt the need of nurturing my body with the benefits of Earth (cf. Chlorophyll), and was in search of roots and quest of authenticity. During this exploration, I found out that the terrain might sometimes be slipping and lead to other fields (cf. Landslide) which might be of interest or not but that exploration was always enriching. At other moments, authenticity forced me to get philosophically naked, rid of the acquired filters from past experiences (cf. Stripping) and to look at the bottom of my inner self (cf. O Substantive). All these experiences, I believe, were done with a feeling of protection and this is why I came to paint Under his Wing that required white tones for purity and matter for presence. I knew that I was on my true path nevertheless still somewhat fragileā€¦ Thus only green could help me to grow stronger while I was in between my past and present identity.