I am driven by a quest of authenticity and freedom. My work is spiritual and emotional. I am particularly interested in  finding harmonious compositions and color combinations.


My inspiration comes from inner voice, memories, my own pictures and found pictures in diverse media. 


In the whole, I wish to bring a meditative experience to the viewers that might be ethereal and/or emotional. I am mainly influenced by American abstract expressionism, the Color Field movement, Symbolism and the COBRA movement.  








2018 - SFAI (San Francisco Art Institute), Public Program Education

2017 - UC BERKELEY EXTENSION SF CAMPUS (SF, CA), Post-Baccalaureate in Visual Arts - Painting, Printmaking, Art History

2014 - PACIFIC ART LEAGUE SCHOOL (Palto Alto, CA), Adult Continuing Eduation - Painting: Portrait, Figurative Abstract, Abstract

2012 - STANFORD UNIVERSITY (Palo Alto, CA) , Adult Continuing Education - Painting, Expressive Drawing

2011 - ECOLE D'ART D'UCCLE (Brussels, Belgium), Adult Continuing Education -  Painting, Drawing, Art History





2009 - UNIVERSITE EUROPEENNE D'ECRITURE (Brussels, Belgium), Certificate in Creative Writing - Novel, Movie Script, Writing for Children

2005 - SOLVAY BRUSSELS SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT - Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising

2002 - BOSTON UNIVERSITY, METROPOLITAN COLLEGE - Certificate in Principles of Marketing

1999 - UNIVERSITE LIBRE DE BRUXELLES, E.P.F.C. SCHOOL - Bachelor in Executive Secretary





Larry Robinson - Artist Painter, Instructor   - www.larryrobinson.net

Glenn Hircsh - Artist Painter, Instructor - www.glennhirsch.com

Francesca Pastine - Visual Artist, Instructor - www.francesca.pastineart.com

Michael Azgour - Artist Painter, Instructor, Lecturor  - www.mazgour.com

Mark Nardini - Artist Painter, Instructor -  www.marknardini.com

Patrick Brichard - Artist Painter, Instructor - www.beauxartsdewavre.com/patrickbrichard

Dirck Vonck - Artist Painter,  Instructor - www.ecoleartuccle.be/ateliers/atelier-peinture-vonck 





Musées:  Opération de Séduction Auprès des Jeunes, Editions Universitaires Européennes, 30 juin 2011 (ISBN 978-6131584978)

 A thesis on understanding the youth generation as a target for museums.